Erica Cody

SpecialityObstetrics and Gynecology

EducationMD, OB/GYN

Work DaysMonday, Wednesday, Thursday

Erica Cody

Erica Cody is a holistic professional.

Erica began her journey when she joined her family’s chiropractic practice in 2006. While facing some of her own health challenges, she learned first-hand how important it is to strive for and maintain optimal health. She founded Northwest Medical Thermography to help other people figure out their own health mysteries in a less invasive, more holistic way.

Erica provides others with the opportunity to detect issues in their bodies through looking at their physiology and allowing that person to use nutrition, exercise, and other care, such as chiropractic, to change a health issue before it becomes a medical emergency. With an increased interest in her practice and talents, her business expanded. Northwest Healing Center offers more services alongside the tested techniques her clients expect.

Northwest Healing is the destination to find your inner and outer beauty while offering practical knowledge for your important healthcare decisions. Erica’s mission is to promote health, relaxation, and well being.