Make Breast Health a Priority

Breast health includes monitoring breasts, but mammograms aren’t the solution for everyone. They expose the body to high levels of radiation and can lead to over diagnosis and over treatment. Thermography is free of radiation, and abnormalities can be discovered before they become a medical emergency.

Bestselling author and women’s health expert Christiane Northrup, M.D., says, “With thermography as your regular screening tool, it’s likely that you would have the opportunity to make adjustments to your diet, beliefs and lifestyle to transform your cells before they became cancerous. Talk about true prevention.”

Thermography, using heat maps of the body to discover changes in the body over time, is a holistic approach. Once results are received, they belong to the client. It is their decision to share them with a healthcare provider.

Northrup recommends thermography because it’s good for young, dense breasts and implants, detects cell changes in the armpit area, is pain-free and there is no exposure to radiation.

She adds that thermography “has the potential to truly detect breast cell anomalies long before mammography can detect cancer. This allows you to implement lifestyle changes that can improve the health of your breasts proactively.”

Erica Cody is the founder of the Northwest Healing Center and uses thermography and biofeedback as discovery tools for preventive wellness. For more information, visit

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