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AO Total Body Scan

Infrared and electromagnetic signals to detect frequency imbalances in the subtle energy of your organs, tissues, cells and even in your DNA



can help detect health concerns before They Become Medical Emergencies

We believe in health discovery versus disease detection. Instead of waiting for symptoms, Thermography and Ultrasound are screening tools for preventive wellness.


Thermography: Thermography is an important imaging tool for prevention, that uses a highly sensitive infrared camera to map the body’s temperature. It is FDA cleared, uses absolutely zero radiation, is non-invasive, and can detect the beginnings of possible disease BEFORE they become an issue Read More...

AO Body Scan

AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer uses infrared and electromagnetic signals to detect frequency imbalances in the subtle energy of your organs, tissues, cells and even in your DNA. Read More...

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Host a private screening in the comfort of your own home for you and your friends! Our mobile Thermography services are available for small groups of 3-5 people, and can be done in the privacy of your home. Read More...

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  • It was amazing to get my scan. I found things about my body that I knew were not right but didn't know why. Most of all it didn't hurt or squish anything and had NO radiation. Thank you Erica!!!

  • Erica is caring and very knowledgeable, go see her.

  • My experience was delightful, Ms. Cody is an excellent medical thermographer. Will definitely set up appts for years to come!

Meet Our Practitioner

Erica Cody

Erica began her journey when she joined her family’s chiropractic practice in 2006. While facing some of her own health challenges, she learned first-hand how important it is to strive for and maintain optimal health. She founded Northwest Medical Thermography to help other people figure out their own health mysteries in a less invasive, more holistic way.

Erica provides others with the opportunity to detect issues in their bodies through looking at their physiology and allowing that person to use nutrition, exercise, and other care, such as chiropractic

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